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If you think that this video wasn’t made for Nitori and Momotarou I don’t know what to tell you

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Newtype August 2014 - Free! high res scans + translation Part 1

Here is the little surprise I’ve been talking about a few days ago.

To celebrate this blog reaching one thousand followers, please have an english scanlation of this month’ Newtype. 

I did the magazine scans, cleaning and typesetting, kudouusagi did the whole translation, and ccparadise proofread and helped with typesetting. So, if you enjoy this read, please visit their blog and thank them warmly, for that couldn’t have been done without them!

As you can read in the post title, this is the first part only, there is more to come in the near future!

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Netero and Pariston

Before going to NGL…

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by 草食培根

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I just post a photoset of Kageyama’s smiles in Haikyuu!! episode 17. And reblog a lot of photosets with his smiles too, because we have so different kind of smiles today, it’s quite amazing. But, this time, I just want we to take a moment to look at Kageyama’s not-smiley-face in this episode. Specifically, when he was with Hinata.

The pictures above, they’re captures I made of Kageyama every time he was with or thinking about Hinata, but not smiling. Because I think there are something important to point to, something that seemed specially evident to me in this episode, in addition to Kageyama’s smiles and in addition of how beautiful all of them were.

What I want we to look at, is Kageyama’s expression when he was with or thinking about Hinata, even if he wasn’t smiling. Even in the middle of such an important play, and even more concentrated in his role than he usually is, Kageyama looks specially calm and supportive around Hinata. His face is less tense, like he has the control of the situation. He looks dependable. Like someone in whom you can trust, even when the circumstances are bad.

And I believe that, in some way, Kageyama has developed that side of himself because he feels responsible for Hinata. Not like someone that you have to take care of, or that you have to watch over, but like a part of yourself. He needs Hinata to believe in him, because he believes in Hinata too. Like the team they are.

"As long as I’m here, you’re invincible", told Kageyama to Hinata in episode 10. By this point, I’ve got the impression that Kageyama is making that promise more true than ever —not only being the one who toss to him, but being the one who supports him in any moment of insecurity that he could have.

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free! eternal summer » episode 5
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